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Thoughts of success

The friends we all achieve their dream based on our thoughts. Thoughts play vital role in the success. It is a backbone of success. From ancient time we have been seeing that the man who developed in life he keep best thinking power. He did better for society and the country. Often it is seen that thoughts develop by mind's thinking. The mind can be developed by practice of education, viewing, listening, etc. some man finds intelligent mind by natural or birth. Thinking of mind is important to us.

If mind is doing good work it takes us towards success and if the mind is not doing good work it takes us towards failure. So take care of mind thinking and be alert always. What is your mind thinking and at what topic are thinking. Perhaps you are deviating from your aim by thinking about wrong matters. If you are deviating and disturb, then you must control yourself and take care Dainik activities.

If you are talking to yourself it is a serious matter. It means you are suffering from mental disease. "You achieve success with a negative attitude. It is called Luck. But you achieve success in life with positive attitude. It is called truly an achievement."

The people that find brilliant mind by natural or birth. Their minds are called gift of God. Such people are successful in life. They have to not face more difficulties to achieve success in life. Such mind makes good thoughts and it keeps the best thinking power. By natural or birth, They bring the keys of success with their own. They don't apply more force to remove the difficulties of success. Because they are gifts of God.

The people that find senseless mind by natural or birth. They are called stupid. Such people never get success in life. Nearly 30% such people get success in life, but they face more difficulties in achieving their success. Sometimes it is so that they get more loss in comparison of their success. If you want to be successful in life with the senseless mind, then be alert always and be careful about your surroundings activities. Awareness and carefulness are only keys of success in life for them.

If you want to be successful in life, whether whatever who keeps mind. Brilliant or stupid, so you would have to become active. Remember these points always to be successful in life.

1. Do punctual all work
2. Be aware and careful
3. Keep polite behavior
4. Don't keep haughty mind
5. Keep mind on target
6. Meet those people that are related to your target
7. Do the hard work
9. Read blogs, articles, books, magazines of success.
10. Be healthy from mind and body
11. Keep less argument on target
12. Respect all

Remember above points if you want to achieve your dream's target in future. Start planning to achieve your goals for keeping in mind these points. Obviously you would get success in your goals.

The soul lives in the body; it also plays an important role to achieve your goals. The mind gets ready by soul for thinking on any matters. Thinking power of mind develops thoughts. Thoughts develop a plan. The plan is a backbone of success.

Whether you keep relation to any religion. All religion is good so you should respect your religion. You should regularly pray to God to save yourself from evil soul. Evil soul disturbs your mind and diverts you from your goals.

Thoughts is two types

1. Positive
2. Negative

Positive thoughts: - often positive thoughts develop in mind when you are eager doing something in life. New visitor, such as students, businessman, youth, girl all these have a positive thinking in mind.

Because most of them have not found the result of failure or bad luck. When your mind gathers a lot of positive thoughts, you feel happier. Looks happiness on your face. Then you do plan accordance to thoughts and do hard work and also ignore all hurdles in the path of success in life to achieve your plan. Always it is seen that success or happiness has result of positive thinking in man’s life. The people that see the dream of their target. They have positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are ladder of success.

Positive thoughts take you towards success. It often develops in mind after seeing or hearing or reading of another's success. Positive thoughts are the main root of success. Some people see dream of success in the day and some people see dream of success in night. The people that see dream of success in the day they have only positive thoughts. The people that see dream of success in night they have more argument.

Negative thoughts: - often negative thoughts develop in mind when you have more argument about your target. It mostly develops in the mind of genius man. Because genius people think about their aim on behalf of both direction negative and positive. They choose the correct direction for their success or they leave their target.

Coward and weak man have only negative thoughts. Such a man is less successful in life. The people that only have negative thoughts. Negative thoughts take them towards wrong path and gives unhappiness life to them. Once it gathers in your mind. You become weak by form mental and physical. It is a hurdle for a success.

“Sometimes negative thinking plays an important role in secure success in life. It shows the bad results or circumstance of your plan before starting a travel of success So it is also keys of secure success in life.”

Get rid of more negative thoughts: - If you have surrounded with more negative thoughts and can't take a correct decision. you are getting trapped in conclusion. Go peaceful and beautiful places like parks, the zoo, beach, museum, historical places and keep away from crowded and sound places.

You should try to fresh your mind and delete or forget all Plan and thoughts from your mind. For some day you would have to forget your plan and lead life normal. After that, you would must meet successful person relate to your plan.

At last, they are brave and intelligent that accept both failure or success from the heart. Because it is decided. One of both get in struggle with life.


British Columbia, Canada